We are looking for passionate and committed Asian American students (incoming 9-12th grade) to apply for our 2020-2021 leadership team. Join us as we take action and inspire change! (Google form below)

ORGANIZATION DESCRIPTION: AACS (Asian American Civic Scholars) is a student organization developed by and for Asian American youth in the St. Louis area. We are dedicated to promoting civic engagement among Asian American youth through activism, leadership, and service. Each year, we put together a team of high school
students who meet weekly to plan and discuss different events and opportunities that will encourage civic engagement. Some of our past initiatives (planned by the leadership team) include essay competitions, leadership conferences, book drives, Census work, oral history collection, and video contests. The agenda for our upcoming year will be decided by the incoming leadership team.

POSITION SUMMARY: AACS leaders are expected to commit 2-3 hours per week, including an hour-long meeting on Sundays evenings. The internship program will last throughout the school year, beginning in August. Students will benefit from the process of learning to problem-solve, holding discussions, working closely with community leaders, and partnering with local organizations. This year, there is an option to apply for a position on our media team, if you have a particular interest in marketing, content creation, website development, photography, etc. All other applicants will be applying for the general team. 

Media team: The media team will consist of 3-5 interns with a particular passion for the field. While members of this team can still participate in all aspects of our leadership team, their main responsibilities will include managing our social media and website, and designing content such as flyers, posts, promotional materials, etc. We are looking for students who are particularly interested or experienced in either of the following: drawing, photography, graphic design, website design, coding, writing, marketing, etc.

General team: The general team will include all other leaders, and can have a wide range of tasks, such as helping us brainstorm ideas, organize an event, outreach to communities, and more. 

Both teams will work closely with each other, collaborating on every project, holding discussions, and attending Sunday meetings together.


  • Attends school in the St. Louis area and will be in 9-12th grade this fall
  • Is interested in advocating for the St. Louis Asian community, and being involved in the greater St. Louis community
  • Is dependable, disciplined and has overall good communication skills
  • Is willing to try new skills and take opportunities as they come
  • Is committed to the AACS team and works respectfully with others
  • Is interested and/or experienced in service, leadership, and activism

To complete an application (due July 26th at 11:59PM), please use this google form! https://forms.gle/6ga3Prpcfv7naLUQ6

Have a question? Email us at aacsstl@gmail.com.

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