About Us

Our Mission: Promoting civic engagement among Asian American youth through activism, leadership, and service, in order to increase involvement in our local communities, while gaining a diversity of experiences and perspectives as service-minded, active citizens.


AACS was founded in 2018 by a group of civically-minded Asian American students from a variety of schools in the St. Louis area. Before starting AACS, we were all involved in community service and interested in national, regional, and local politics. However, we noticed something very concerning. Asian Americans rarely engaged in civic leadership within their community and are rarely included in political discussions. Thus, we started AACS to increase Asian American participation in activism, leadership, and volunteering. By encouraging Asian youth to become more involved in their community, AACS hopes to develop the community’s social and political mindset.

Partnered Organizations

AACS has partnered with many like-minded organizations to engage more members in our community. With their help, we have led many events that promoted our core values of activism, leadership, and volunteering.


2019-2020 Leaders

2018-2019 Leaders